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One of the multiple joys that ageing brings is the inability to remember what you previously did! However I am struggling to remember a kinder late summer and autumn than this year. I appreciate the weather variation across the UK is enormous but on the whole I would take this weather every year. Each autumn brings its own challenges and with our penchant in the North for early drilling the battle with Blackgrass is ongoing. We already have casualties with crops being re-drilled or left for desiccation and spring cropping.

I have talked that for my clients the solution is largely rotational and we have to learn how we make this future proof by minimising risk. Whatever emerges after Brexit negotiations one thing that is in my opinion guaranteed, is lower agricultural support. In short we have until 2020 to put our house in order. On heavily infested Blackgrass land no soil disturbance in spring is critical and learning how to manage this on farm is one of the challenges we have to learn. Cheap cover crops can be part of this mix so learning which and what quantities is important. Over coming months we will keep you in the loop with what we are planning and how we get on.

Less oil seed rape has been planted and I anticipate that this will be some 12-15% down. The high start up costs and increasing failure rate are two of the main issues cited. Ironically as rape rotations become wider and less is grown the risk from pests and diseases will also reduce. Add to this that in the coming years we will have more contact post emergence options then I feel we will see rape acreages reach an equilibrium.

Strange Fact
Sulphonylureas are a mainstay of weed control programs in agriculture but they are also an important medical compound:-
Sulfonylureas (UK: sulphonylurea) are a class of organic compounds used in medicine and agriculture. They are antidiabetic drugs widely used in the management of diabetes mellitus type 2. They act by increasing insulin release from the beta cells in the pancreas.

Tall Stories!
One of the joys of families is that they generate countless memories. Our son Rob was no exception to this. Teaching him to drive was in short a real experience! Arriving into our yard at 30 mph on two wheels was exciting. Freewheeling backwards down the very steep Chimney Stack in Rosedale was another heart stopping moment. He did pass his test and the open road beckoned. In the space of 6 months Rob had thee accidents in the RAV 4 all with a Rob touch!
The first was when out soil sampling he reversed into a tree declaring he didn’t see the 30 foot aforementioned piece of wood.
The second he ran into the back of a car in Pickering Main Street announcing that a fly was bothering him and he was determined to squash it. He duly did this not noticing the car in front.
Finally while cleaning the car he managed to wrap the high pressure hose under the front bumper then reversed out of the car wash leaving the bumper behind.
Lovely memories

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