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I have been travelling down to Cereals in Cambridgeshire for many years and I have watched the tide of blackgrass surge up the country.

I can now leave Pickering and see the weed all the way to the site. Add to this the bromes and poppies everywhere and there is not a lot to smile about.

With the exception of yellow rust, it has been a relatively low disease year. It has to be said though that yellow rust has been exciting and Niab’s Bill Clark has a twinkle in his eye when talking about teliospores and dynamic populations.

To cut a three-hour dialogue into concise words: “do not assume any variety will retain its rust resistance rating”. As for septoria ratings, these appears to be a more stable.

Winter beans look well, but chocolate spot is bubbling away and will need close monitoring. Oats similarly have enjoyed the year and look well.

It is hard to believe, but I still have oilseed rape crops flowering and with the swarms of diamond back moth in the air, vigilance is still required.

This season was late in starting and it is certainly going to be late finishing. This will have some significant effect on cropping and rotations.

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